Table editing not possible - FIXED in Findings 2.0.2 build 5357



After the update to beta version 2.0.2 (Build 5322.b46513d8) I cannot edit tables anymore. When I click on the edit button I just get an empty window. It is the same for existing (pre-update) and new tables.


Sorry about the issue. I am not sure what is going on. Could you send a screenshot maybe? To take a screenshot on your mac, press the key combination shift-cmd-3 (the cmd key is the one just to the right of the alt-option key on most keyboards, usually with an apple on it). This will create a file on your desktop called “screenshot xxxx” where xxxx is the current day and time.

Thanks for your help!



Here some additional info about my system:

  • Findings version: (Findings version 2.0.2, build 5322.b46513d8)
  • OS X version: Version 10.12.6 (Build 16G1212)
  • AppKit version: 1504.83
  • Device type: MacBookPro7,1
  • Experiments: 15
  • Protocols: 8
  • Local (1) / Dropbox(2): 2


Thanks for the screenshot. Would it be possible to share one of the experiments using the menu File > Export as Archive?

To help understand the issue, could you also please let me know what log messages are output by You will find inside your Applications folder, under Utilities. If necessary, please select the item ‘system.log’ in the sidebar on the left. You can filter out messages using the search field and the query ‘findings’. For older messages, you have to load them explicitly by clicking the “Earlier” button. You can then select the messages in the window, choose the ‘Copy’ menu item (cmd-C) and paste the text in your email (please do not send a screenshot of the Console app, it usually trims part of the messages).

Note that this is a public discussion, so it would probably be best to send that info via email to

Thanks for your patience and help!


I seem to be able to edit older tables, and generate new ones. I just upgraded, and will see if the problem shows up later.

Findings version: (Findings version 2.0.2, Build 5322.b46513d8)
OS X version: Version 10.13.3 (17D102)


Peter: thanks for your feedback too. This matches what I had seen on my machine, which was ‘no problem’… However, I now know what is happening…

Edy: after trying different things, I realized it was all there in the screenshot: the bug happens when your system preferences are set to ‘Always’ show scroll bars. I now have a good starting point to try to fix the issue. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks a lot for the report and the help with this detective work!



Edy: actually, I have now determined that the issue is not related to the scroll bar setting… It was a red herring. The issue happens when you create a new table and then immediately start editing. There is some timing issue with how the table is added to the document but not saved yet that leads to some issue with the table data, setting it to an empty table. This can then impact the editing for all the tables. Could you try quitting the app then opening it again? When you create a table, can you wait a few seconds before editing it? Does it work better? Thanks for your help!


Actually changing the scroll bar setting fixes the problem for me.
I tried the timing method you suggested but with no success.


Ok, I did some more testing and it seems to be a combination of scroll bar settings and timing. The scroll bar settings must be set to “When scrolling” otherwise I can not even see the table in edit mode. And when I create a new table I have to wait a few seconds before editing otherwise the edit mode quits while typing.


Cool, thanks for the additional testing. There was some kind of interaction between the 2 modes. But I believe it’s fixed in the latest beta. Have you installed it yet? You can use the menu Findings > Check for Updates. Thanks!


I just installed the latest beta, scroll bars still need to be set to “When scrolling” to be able to edit tables. I did not encounter the timing issue anymore, though.


Indeed, I now see the issue still there for always present scroll bars. The behavior is very enigmatic, as it actually was not an issue anymore when building the app in debugging mode. I should have an update today to try to finally address the issue.

Several problems with tables

I have pushed a new update to Findings 2.0.2 beta, now at build 5355. It should solve the issue of tables not visible for editing, but please let me know otherwise as soon as possible.

Release notes:


Unfortunately now the table is not visible in edit mode when the scroll bars are set to “When scrolling”.



Indeed… On the heels of today’s beta, I realized (too late) that the issue was now happening when scroll bar are set to show/hide automatically… My bad… There is now a new beta version, build 5357. If some of you have a chance to try it, please let me know how it goes. The behavior has been somewhat tricky to properly test. Thanks for your help!

Release notes:


In the new beta table editing works fine with all different scroll bar settings.


Thanks so much for the quick feedback. Another user also confirmed it works in both settings, so it looks like it’s now solid. That was really an unexpected and surprising bug, thanks for all the debugging help.