Request: Drag and Drop Protocols From Side Menu



Currently the way to add protocols to an experiment is to click on the “+” icon within an experient and searching for the appropriate protocol within the pop-up menu. The Protocols section in the side-bar collapses to show the disciplines (Biochemistry, Immunology, Molecular Biology etc…), it would be convenient if each discipline could be expanded to show the protocols within it and if the protocols could then be dragged from the side-bar directly into an experiment.


It would indeed be nice to be able to drag a protocol directly into an experiment. This is something that we will have in a calendar view in Findings 2.1 (see also: What is new in Findings 2, compared to Findings 1?).

It’s not something that we plan to do the way you describe, as that would really change the interface paradigm of having the sidebar for groups of documents, and the documents listed in the middle pane. However, with an experiment opened in a separate window, this could be possible to support (because you can then drag a protocol from the middle pane into the experiment in the other window). I will add that to our todo list, though I am really not sure when it would be done.

One more tidbit: when you have a protocol opened, you can insert it into an experiment by clicking on the ‘•••’ button at the right, above the protocol title, and then it will let you pick the experiment and date to insert it. Maybe that could be useful…