Posibility to erase the Day feature


It would be great if we could erase the Day text in the protocols and experiments, because sometimes we just plan any experiment or protocol not for an specific day but for a future, and we dont want to have those in the journal.


Yes, this is something in my todo list, though there are in fact different possible features hidden in that question:

  1. for protocols, no need for a day header when the whole procedure is done within a day or less
  2. for entries, content before the first day (and thus not under a day header) could be useful as some kind of introduction
  3. for entries still, a special “day” header representing something with no date yet would be useful as well, some kind of ‘undefined future’ header

Of those 3 things, the first one is a no-brainer and has been requested a few times. I do hope I can make it happen in Findings 2.1, but I can’t promise for sure yet.

The other 2 features are also on my list, but I don’t know yet when…

Let me know if you have more comment!