PDF journal files



Hi - I have questions aboiut the PDF journal file Findings 2 generates. It’s one of the best features of this software.

First, where is this file? It might be nice to be able to specify it’s location in the preferences.

Second, how often are the entries written to the PDF file? When the icon is selected or at periodic intervals? It might be cool to have this interval user specified, as well.


There are in fact multiple PDF files, one per month. You can get to them by using the ‘•••’ icon in the Journal window, then select ‘Reveal in Finder’.

At the moment, this location is fixed. We have some ideas about improving and expanding the functionality in the future, in particular specifying a path.

In the meantime, you can create an alias of this folder and place it somewhere else for quick access. If you want the folder to show in e.g. Dropbox, do not use an alias, but create a symbolic link to the folder using the Terminal. Let me know if you would be interested in more specific instructions…

It’s done at periodic intervals, based also on the modifications you make to your entries. Upon a change in an entry, a notification is sent to a journal service in the app. While the notifications are fast (few seconds), the new journal files are only generated every few minutes to avoid constant CPU usage while you edit. However, if you go into the journal, and check the content, it’s generated immediately if a change has been logged (the file on disk will be changed within some minutes).

I am not sure it would necessarily bring much to have that interval user-specified. Maybe what would be more useful is to have an ‘Update Now’ button to force a refresh of the files. What do you think?



Thank you, Charles. That clarifies everything. With the rapid frequency of uodates to the PDF, I agree a user-specified rate is unnecessary. An update button could be useful - I’ll need more time working with Findings to see. Great software - keep up the good work!


Hi Charles,
On a similar note, I would like to print a daily tasks from the Journal entry.
Would it be possible to reorganize the Journal when you select Today to only feature today’s tasks and not a cut out of the entire journal?

Kind regards



Hi Rémi,

The idea of the journal is that it can be printed in chunks with a consistent page number and layout no matter what part you are interested in (well, except if the content changes, of course). The PDFs automatically created on disk only start on a new page at each month to ensure that consistent layout.

To print out content for a specific day or day range, and for a set of entries, you can simply select the entries in Findings, then use the Print menu and select the day range.

That said, I can see how it would make sense to be able to access this functionality from the Journal. I will think about a way to have an option in the print panel when used from the journal so one could choose to not really print the journal, but print the equivalent content for the currently selected days, and not worry about the overall journal layout.