Managing collection


I just migrated from Findings1 to Findings2. I would like to change the association of projects with collections. So I set up new collections and dragged projects from existing collections to the new collections. With that I have now projects affiliated with more than one collection. That is, however, not desired. I cannot seem to manage to unlink a project from an old collection. It might be simple but I do not see it. Deleting is not advised as it deletes all instances. Any ideas?


I was too fast. I just noticed that I can change the association in each project by clicking on the collection icon in the project, which will open a menu. There, one can select as many associations as needed. Please ignore!


Indeed at the moment, the way to remove an entry or protocol from a collection is to use the popover with the collection icon above the entry content, as in the screenshot below.

There is however a bug in Findings 2.0 (build 5207) where that should also be doable using the backward-delete key. I plan to fix that in a future update soon.

I am also adding in my todo list the ability to use the option key while dragging to move instead of add to a collection (so that it’s removed from the current collection if one is selected). I am not sure when I’ll be able to add that, but I’ll keep you posted here :slight_smile: