Issue with spacebar when making entries in tables



bug report

while entering text a table cell, some percentage of the time (40-50%?), after I hit the spacebar, it kicks out the cursor of the cell and makes the Mac “Funk” sound effect. To continue writing, I have to click inside the cell again.


I now notice that this also seems to occur mid-typing, or using the tab key to move to the next cell. so it appears to not be specific to the spacebar.


Do you have a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar?
It happens to me when the Touch Bar shuts down and stops the predictive text.


yes I do, however, I have not been paying attention to the Touch Bar when this happens. I’ll try to pay attention for that next time it happens


Thanks a lot for that detail, it could give me a hint as to what is happening in that context…



Here is a quick update on the issue with tables in Findings 2. The latest beta (build 5322) should fix the issue.If you want to give it a try, we have more information about beta versions of Findings on our community forums, where you can also report bugs: About beta versions of Findings

Thanks for your patience and for any additional feedback after trying the beta. Please feel free to contribute to this public discussion on the issue as well: Several problems with tables

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