Glitch in color pallet


What I did: Used the same text color in different places in an experiment

What happened: The “Document Colors” section of the color pallet creates redundant entries for the same color

What I expected: I would imagine redundant colors would be reduced to a single box

Things that might be helpful to know (Version 2.0.4; Build 5430.4e3d3912, OS 10.11.6):


Yikes, this is indeed not very friendly! Normally, Findings puts together colors that are close to each other. Would you be willing to share that particular document with me? I am curious to see what is going on so I can fix it. This is a public forum, and thus I would recommend you send it via email to if that’s something you can share. If you do, please use the menu File > Export as Archive to send it as a Findings archive. Thanks!