Export Document as Word document or as .pdf



Is it possible to get material out of Findings 2 with headers and links preserved in either Markdown format or as a Word document? The .pdf format is cool, but I need something I can easily massage to make ADA compliant and can post online.


Not at the moment, but it sounds like something feasible. Note that copy-paste in Word might already get you there, or at least quite far. Of course, built-in export would be even better as it would allow batch export.

Can you please let me know the following:

  • How is copy-paste working out as a temporary workaround? Any issue there might also be there if I implement Word export
  • Anything I can add to help with ADA compliance? (including in the pdf format)




Hi Charles,

Unfortunately, copy and paste does not get me where I need to be.

To create ADA compliant documents, I need to have symantic headers, so (H1, H2, H3 . . . ) images with alt text, descriptive hyperlinks, and tables with headers. Word can handle all of this, as can more robust versions of Markdown, and of course html does it all just fine.

If I were to copy and paste, I’d have to go back and reformat everything, which would be a drag.




Markdown support will be very helpful. Is there any plan to add this kind of support?


Good point. When I add support, I will probably include RTF, HTML and Markdown, as they are closely related, and I already have most of the foundation in place.


That would be great. I saw that someone else is using Findings as a class mangager. Once I can export material from it as markdown it may be exactly what I need.

Could you please make sure that the Markdown export supports different levels of headers (H1, H2, H3 …) and if you could make sure that the rtf headers are compatible with headers in a Word document, that would be great.


Paul K.


That’s an intriguing use of Findings. Would be cool to hear more from that person, e.g. starting a new topic in the ‘Talk’ section: https://community.findingsapp.com/c/talk

OK, I’ll keep that in mind!


I also think being able to export experiments and particularly protocols as markdown files would be great, since it would allow lab members to easily exchange protocols regardless of whether they use Findings or not. A common protocol database could then also be version-controlled with git etc. and current versions can be imported back into Findings. Thanks for looking into it!


Markdown export is indeed in my todo list…