Dark mode, for the sake of my eyes, dark mode!


Really enjoying Findings, have been using it since the start of my university education in science. Something I’ve realised with the new version 2.0 is just how bright the UI is. It’s so bright it hurts my eyes. I am photosensitive, I have accessibility features enabled on my iOS devices to decrease the eye-searing brightness of the displays. But there’s limited support for that on macOS, and many apps that are designed for long-term use (like text editors, terminals, other technical user powertools) all have dark modes. Findings’ UI is great, it’s beautiful, but it’s just too bright.

Dark mode is absolutely an aesthetic choice, but it’s more than that. It’s an accessibility feature. I have a seriously hard time staring at bright white apps all day, and do everything I can to save my eyes from that fate. I have custom prescription lenses to soften the impact of sunlight. OmniOutliner? Custom all-black document theme. iBooks? Black style. Safari reader? Black. iTerm? Black. Ulysses? Black. I was so happy when YouTube added a dark mode. Even writing this feedback report is making me uncomfortable and I’ve had to decrease my screen’s brightness twice.

Please, please give us dark mode. Night Shift is not enough.


Thanks a lot for the detailed message. I really appreciate you took the time to explain the why of your request. I am sorry the white UI is too aggressive on you. I wish I could immediately add such support, but I can’t promise at this stage when I’d be able to implement that. I’ll keep you updated using this discussion topic.



Hi Charles,

Thank you for the quick response. :slight_smile: Please keep in mind that I am really liking using Findings for my schoolwork, and it’s just this feature on the Mac that proves problematic for me. I am using it very comfortably on my iPad, which fits better into my workflow anyway.



Similar issues here; I enjoy Findings very much but I would like to second this.

I have trouble seeing contrast and the current trend to use light colored fonts on light colored backgrounds In apps and on websites) is very problematic for me. Beyond a dark mode some changes in the current font color, or other modifications to enhance contrast, could be very useful.

Best wishes,


Hi Gerben,

There are settings you can enable in macOS to enhance contrast: System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Display -> Increase Contrast. Does this help?



Hi Chris,

Thanks for the quick reply. Your suggestion unfortunately hardly helps; reversing colours works much better but isn’t always ideal.